"To serve the community"
MEETINGS: 2nd and 4th Tuesdays                 7:00PM
Lions Clubs are the largest service orginazation in
the world

Upcoming Meetings:

Tuesday: February  14th  @ Point After
Order off the menu (Taco Tuesday)

Tuesday: February 28th @ Hideaway
Cash Bar 6:00pm Dinner 6:30pm

                                   9643 S 76th St, Franklin                                     


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Scholarship Application
Former Franklin Lions scholarship recipient gives

Reprinted with Roxanne Mainus Russell permission

"Dear Franklin Lions Club,
20-years ago, you graciously awarded me a scholarship. I just
wanted to send a note to tell you thankful I am. The scholarship
put me on the road to success. When I needed the financial
assistance the most, it was there.

I want to give back to help ensure that you can give others the
same opportunity you gave me. Enclosed is $500. Please use
it with your scholarship fund, perhaps even considering older
people who are trying to go back to school to get an education
and better themselves.

My education has allowed me to achieve great success.
Currently I am an IT Manager at Siemens in Charlotte, N.C.
My  18 year career with Siemens has allowed me to continue
to grow, travel internationally, relocate multiple times for
additional opportunities, etc. This would not have been
possible without your assistance. Thank you!"

Warm regards,
Roxanne Mainus Russell