The committee is divided into three sub committee’s: The parking lot, beer tent and
raffles. This is the club’s biggest fundraiser of the year and participation of all club
members is a must. It is a 2 day event that takes place on the Sunday and Monday
over Labor Day weekend in beautiful downtown St. Martins in Franklin. The committees
are responsible for securing permits and licenses from the city and state, ordering
supplies, securing workers, set up and clean-up. They are also responsible for dealing
with outside business to secure bar supplies, raffle prizes and other items needed for a
successful fair. Coordination of all areas is a must.  (10) (all)
St. Martin’s Labor Day Fair
Poker Tournament
This committee is responsible for setting up and running the annual Poker
tournament. This is an annual event that is held the last Saturday each January at
Valley Green Golf Course. The committee is responsible for advertising the
Tournament and securing players. They also need to keep scores, run raffles and are
responsible for set up. There needs to be a lot of participation from club members for
this event. (6)  all
Easter Egg Hunt
This committee plans the annual Easter Egg hunt that is held at Lions Legend Park. It
is held on the Saturday before Easter, rain, snow or shine. The club welcomes over
600 children each year and provides them with a variety of candies and eggs. A visit
by the Easter Bunny is an annual occurrence. The committee is responsible for
making sure permits are secured. They also need to purchase the candy and eggs
and make sure that they have secured members to stuff the plastic eggs. The
committee needs to secure members to disperse the eggs at the park on the day of
hunt. This is a good event to have local troops and organizations help with the event.
There needs to be a lot of participation from club members for this event. (6) all
Community Betterment
This committee is responsible for acting on requests from our community to disburse
funds for those in need. These funds come directly from the foundation account and
are the largest part of the clubs’ budget dollars for disbursement. The committee acts
upon these requests with follow-up to the specific organization as well as looking at
the need aspect of the request. They review the request to make sure it meets the
clubs criteria and standards. (6)
This committee is responsible for the disbursement and accurate accounting of the of
the clubs funds. They work closely with the club president and treasurer. The
committee should audit the budget quarterly as well as years end. The committee
should monitor any financial forms that need to be filled out by the President,
Secretary and Treasurer of the club. (6)
Membership/Public Relations
This committee is responsible to recruit new members for the club so that the club
remains viable. They also need to keep current members engaged so that they
remain in the club. They need to update the membership brochure as well as invite
prospective members to club meetings and events. (4)
Herda’s Property
This committee oversees the possible uses for the approximate 17 acres of land that
the club owns in St. Martins. They will oversee the Short Term and Long Range Plan
uses for this land. Restrictions do apply to the use of this land so the committee
needs to have a good understanding of regulations on this parcel. This land is also
used for parking cars for the St. Martin’s Labor Day Fair. (4)
This committee is responsible for maintaining and updating the clubs website. They
are responsible for keeping information and lists current and providing updates to the
club. They are responsible for securing costs for the yearly funding of the site. (4)
This committee is responsible for coordinating meals in the park, the pig roast as
well as any special event’s such as installation diners, Christmas parties etc. They
are responsible for securing locations permits and prices as needed. (4)
Eye Glasses
This committee is responsible for collecting eye glasses from several outlets
throughout the area that the club has recyclable bins at. This committee is charged
with looking for new business or areas on where to collect used eyeglasses. They
are responsible to see that the collection is maintained and eyeglasses are
forwarded through the proper channels for pick-up in the district. (4)
Sunshine Committee
are sent on behalf of the club to members and the immediate families. (2)
This committee keeps the club up to date on the District, State and International
convention dates and happenings. Update to certain by laws should be brought to
the clubs attention by this committee. (2)
Club History
This committee is the custodian of club documents and history. (2)